Angry Baristas?

Last night my blog went down for a couple of hours. It seems I somehow managed to exceed my bandwidth allotment. According to my fantastic webguy, I got more hits yesterday than I normally do in a month.

Take that Scot McKnight!

But how shall I explain this massive increase in my popularity? To what may I attribute this sudden spike in information superhighway traffic?

Was it a swarm of spammers come to tempt me with their online pharmaceutical wares and promises of nude celebrity photographs? Did one of those pesky New York Times reporters finally cite my site as the source of their editorial insight? Is there some controversial person out there talking about me behind my back? Is Perez Hilton perhaps taking me to task for my views on gay marriage?

No, my personal theory is that it is a group of angry baristas who want to stop me and my message about the potential dangers of including coffee bars in church assemblies! That’s the only explanation. Every Starbucks on the planet is encouraging its employees to log on and clog up my blog.

We haven’t done any kind of roll call in a while, so let’s try it today. Lurkers, come out of hiding! Who are you? Where are you? How did you come to discover my little corner of cyberspace?

8 Responses to “Angry Baristas?”

  1. Terry Says:

    Okay, John It’s just me.

  2. Inigo Montoya Says:

    You killed my father …. prepare to die.

  3. mmlace Says:

    I read your blog yesterday…but I don’t recall whether or not I actually came here or just read it in my reader. I think I’ve done this before, but just in case, my name is Lacey, I’m a single 20-something, living in Little Rock, AR. First found a link to you a couple of years ago off the fabulous blog of our brother Keith Brenton, who, besides writing outstanding posts on his blog, serves as the Communications Guru at the church I attend. (I think that’s his official title, anyway.)

  4. Dina Kirtley Says:

    My name is Dina and I am a single mother living in Santa Rosa, CA and I have listened to you joyfully at New Vintage Church!! I have your book 52 Greatest Stories in the Bible on my nightstand… and you probably saved my teenage daughter’s life more than once…. I link to your blogs through Facebook!!

  5. believingthomas Says:

    Its me, I’m one of those people who is on the mailing list of The Christian Chronicle, Catalyst, and Q. I have no idea when I first read your blog. I can’t remember that far back.

  6. Dave Moss Says:

    I live in MN, and have enjoyed sharing your “journey” over the past few years. Started reading your blog as just one of my community resources in how to share, read, learn from God with others. I appreciate your insights and posts. But I do like to drink coffee in church….especially in the sanctuary!

  7. Anissa Says:

    It’s just me . . still trying to track you after all these years! I love to read what you write now as much as I did when we were seven . . . only now you use even BIGGER words than you did then :) I love the challenge of your flow . . . . keep blogging . . . I’m trying to figure out how to do this myself . . . . maybe you can mentor me . . .

  8. Keith Brenton Says:

    I think I’ve been tagged (above). In the eye!

    I lurk more than I comment, so I guess I qualify to answer. You wrote in NW. I think I had come across your blog from a link on someone else’s, but sadly, I don’t remember whose. It was pre-2.0, I believe.

    I kept coming back because it was refreshing to read about someone on a journey instead of someone who (thought he/she) knew all the answers.