I feel kind of stuck w/ the blog here lately. Honestly, I have loved doing this for so many years, but I let it slip after we moved to California last fall. The website got hacked. I got busy planting a new church. So much is going on, and my thoughts have been kind of muddy about how to move forward.

So, that’s me and the blog right now: stuck.

How would you suggest I get unstuck? Or should I shut the thing down? If I keep going, what would you like to discuss here?

Go ahead; I’m all ears. Well…not really…but you understand what I mean, right?

5 Responses to “Stuck”

  1. Matt Dabbs Says:

    I once heard Randy Harris say that he ran out of things to talk about. I guess we can all fell like that from time to time. I would say that you will always be passionate about something. You will always be preparing lessons and have helpful insights anyway. You are already going to be doing so many things that can be shared here and be helpful to others that don’t really take going out of your way. So why not? Also, it is helpful to leave it up for people to find things via google and other search engines. I hope you keep it up but I understand if you don’t. I have felt the same way from time to time.

  2. Keith Brenton Says:

    JAT, you still have a lot to share with us, whether you can think of something right now or not. Challenged in part by your most recent book – The 52 Greatest Stories of the Bible – I’m trying to blog only about Jesus Christ for an entire year, looking for Him in those deep wells of truth throughout scripture … all expressed in the form of thoughts at the communion table. It’s daunting! – But very rewarding already.

    And very humbling. In only three weeks, I’ve discovered that I haven’t begun to exhaust the inexhaustible, express the inexpressible, or master the Master!

  3. Terry Says:

    I guess the blog just keeps all of us that love you, updated on you and your family and the many adventures of John Alan Turner. Your thoughts are very appreciated. I took a few pictures of various members of caribbean churches with us holding your book, but never sent them to you. The pc got fried last week and they are lost. I even took some on my phone and it got stolen in St Martin. So I understand feeling stuck.

  4. Frank Says:

    What they said.

  5. Mikemenn Says:

    I think you need one place to write about stuff. You seem to gain energy from committing your thoughts to the printed (web) page. You also seem to like feedback.

    Pick a place to do this. Either here or Facebook or your new church’s website, but just one place. Keeping up with a bunch of places can really drain a person down.